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Rabidity / Dec 08, 2013
<Carbon Monoxide> Welcome new and future members of our guild. A little bit about us, we are a bunch of older people that enjoy playing the game and raiding. We been together for several months now and some of us been together for years from raiding in hardcore games and semi-core guild.

Were we stand, we are currently a 10 man guild looking to expand into a 25 man guild and 20 man in the new upcoming expansion.

Current Raid Days

Tuesday - 7:45-11:00pm
Thursday - 7:45-11:00pm
Sunday - Option, Depends if its a Progression night.

Loot system - We do a loot council here in our guild. We run four folks and every raid night we pick a random player to join our to table and pass out loot. How it works: you link the item you are replacing/upgrading and the officers vote on it. It tends to keep the heat down from dkp and people not showing up for raids.