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About Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Monoxide is a PvE guild, our primary goal is to beat the new content as quickly as possible during our raid times.
During progress we raid 2 or 3 nights a week, but also we don't want our raiders to feel like its a 2nd job for them and stress them out. We do require 80% attendance rate.
Farm periods are the opposite; we raid as needed, with focus on giving our members as much free time as possible.

Raid times are Tuesday, Thursday and with the option of Sunday starting at 7:45pm and ending approximately at 11:00pm. During progress periods, times may be stretched a bit if we are close to getting a kill.
We understand that people have jobs, school etc and can't stay all night long so extended raids are a rarity.

We are looking for players who:
- Are PvE focused.
- Are dedicated to progress.
- Can have high attendance.
- Can handle criticism and learn from it.
- Knows when to speak up and when not to.
- Have good knowledge about their class.
- Have decent gear which is fully enchanted and gemmed.
- Have experience with, at least, all the current content. The more experience the better.
- Have a microphone and are comfortable with talking on Ventrilo.

What we can offer you:
- A guild with friendly and helpful members.
- A progress oriented raiding environment.
- Opportunity to further develop your skills and game play.

Recruitment status:

Death Knight : OPEN
Druid : OPEN
Hunter : OPEN
Mage : OPEN
Paladin : OPEN
Priest : OPEN
Rogue : OPEN
Shaman : OPEN
Warlock : OPEN
Warrior : OPEN
Monk : OPEN

Exceptional players are always welcome to apply regardless of current needs.

If you wish to make a private application, please send it in a PM to Talibus.
You are welcome to ask questions to any of the officers, either here or in game.
Guild Master - Udeadër
Officers - Talibus, Udeadër, Lazattack, Rabiditous.
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