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Recommended Kill Order

This fight has been changed so that the order the bosses spawn in is fixed, rather than changing every week. Below you’ll find our recommended kill order:

Rik’kal the Dissector
Skeer the Bloodseeker
Hisek the Swarmkeeper
Korven the Prime
Xaril the Poisoned Mind
Kaz’tik the Manipulator
Iyyokuk the Lucid
Ka’roz the Locust
Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver

Now, let’s talk about each mob’s own abilities. We’ll go through them in the order they join the encounter.

Rik’kal the Dissector
Genetic Alteration: Stacking tank debuff that causes the tank to take increased damage from Skeer the Bloodseeker. This simply means if you tank Rik’kal, you can’t tank Skeer.
Injection: Debuff applied to the tank that does damage each second. When it expires, it spawns several Amber Parasites. Parasites fixate on players and do heavy damage to them, and have too much health to be killed. A tank can prevent this debuff from being applied by using active mitigation abilities: Elusive Brew, Shield Block, Shield of the Righteous, Death Strike, Savage Defense. If these are active at the time of casting, it will not be applied.
Mutate: Amber Scorpion: Randomly transforms a player into a Scorpion for 20 seconds. Whilst a Scorpion the player takes 50,000 damage per second and can only use four Scorpion abilities. 1 – Claw, 2 – Swipe, 3 – Sting, 4 – Prey. As a Scorpion, just use each ability on cooldown, prioritizing Stingand Swipe over Claw.

Rik’kal’s only dangerous ability is Injection. The Parasites that spawn as a result of it deal a lot of damage to your raid, but this can be very easily prevented by having your tank use his active mitigation abilities during the cast to prevent the debuff being applied. Once the debuff is applied its already too late.

Skeer the Bloodseeker
Hewn: Stacking tank debuff that causes the tank to take increased damage from Rik’kal the Dissector. This simply means if you tank Skeer, you can’t tank Rik’kal.
Bloodletting: Does high damage to the tank and spawns several blood creatures around the center circle. These move towards the Paragon with the lowest health remaining and heal him based on the percentage health they had remaining. The bloods can be slowed, stunned and killed.

Skeer doesn’t deal any raid damage. The only thing that makes him a problem is the bloods that he spawns. When these spawn, they need to be slowed and stunned. After that, you can either kill them, or attempt to kill your current target before they reach him. Either method is viable. He’ll usually use this when the mob is around 50%.

Hisek the Swarmkeeper
Multi-Shot: Raid damage to random raid members.
Aim: Picks a random ranged and knocks him back to 45 yards away exactly. The player is unable to move. After 5 seconds, he shoots in a line towards the player, dealing 1.5 million Physical damage split between everyone in the line. In addition, every player hit does 100,000 damage to anyone within 5 yards. To counter this, you need to have enough players in the line to share the damage equally, but those players should be at least 5 yards apart from each other to avoid the extra damage, so you can’t send too many players into the beam for reasons of space.

Hisek does a lot of raid damage, and he can easily cause deaths due to his Aim ability. Whenever Aim is cast, you should have players pre-assigned to move into the beam to split the damage. Ensure you’re at least 5 yards apart if you’re in the beam. Try to have your ranged relatively near to each other so they can easily help to soak. Rogues are very good at soaking this with Feint, and they don’t really need to worry about the splash damage.

Ka’roz the Locust
Flash: Ka’roz charges towards a random raid member several times in a row. He faces the direction he’s going to charge for a moment before he does the charge, so you can move out of the path to avoid it. The charge stuns and damages anyone that gets hit.
Hurl Amber: Throws Amber at a random raid member, leaving a pool of Amber on the ground that does damage if stood in.

Ka’roz is really not much of a threat. You need to move out of the Amber Pools he spawns, and avoid his charge. He always charges in the direction he’s facing, so you can simply not stand in front of him.

Korven the Prime
Encase in Amber: Any time a Paragon gets to 50% health, Korven will encase them in Amber for 10 seconds. After those 10 seconds, the Paragon is healed to full. If the Amber is killed, the heal will not occur. This can only be used every 30 seconds.
Shield Bash: Stuns the tank for 6 seconds, and immediately uses Vicious Assault, which does very high damage in a frontal cone. Your second tank needs to taunt him at this point and face the Vicious Assault away from your stunned tank, preferably with a cooldown.

Korven can be annoying to deal with. His Encase in Amber costs you a lot of DPS, so you want to deal with him as quickly as possible. There are several ways to deal with his Amber. You can kill it, which requires fast swapping and very high burst DPS. You can use the Strong Legs ability (acquired after killing Ka’roz), which allows you to break the Amber instantly. Finally, you can also trick him into using it on the wrong target. Cleave two Paragons down to half health. Push your secondary target to 50% until he’s encased in Amber. You now have 30 seconds to kill your primary target before Korven can encase him again. This is the method that we recommend you use.

Iyyokuk the Lucid
Calculate: Gives every player a debuff when he joins the fight. The debuff contains a shape, a number, and a colour.
Insane Calculation: Fiery Edge: Picks one colour, one number and one shape. Any player who’s Calculate debuff contains any of those values will spawn a fire line towards all other selected players. The fire line damages the connected players and anyone in the line, and the damage decreases the further the two ends are apart.
Diminish: Does damage to the tank equal to 34% of their current health. If they are below 25% of their maximum health, they die.

Iyyokuk accounts for a large amount of raid damage if left alive for too long. You’ll want to use raid cooldowns whenever he spawns the Fire lines. You don’t need to worry about what debuff you get or anything like that, simply spread out when you get Fire lines. The further spread you are, the less damage you take. Avoid standing in other people’s fire lines, especially if you’re melee.

Xaril the Poisoned Mind
Tenderizing Strikes: Stacking tank debuff that causes the tank to take increased damage from Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver. This simply means if you tank Xaril, you can’t tank Kil’ruk.
Caustic Blood: Stacking tank debuff that does damage each second, and causes an explosion if it reaches 10 stacks. Caustic Blood cannot be applied to tanks using active mitigation abilities: Elusive Brew, Shield Block, Shield of the Righteous, Death Strike, Savage Defense.
Catalyst: When Xaril joins the fight, he gives every player a debuff: Red, Blue or Yellow. At certain intervals he’ll use a Catalytic Reaction that refers to those colours.
Catalyst: Red: When this is cast, all players with the red debuff will explode and deal 400,000 Fire damage to anyone within 10 yards.
Catalyst: Blue: When this is cast, all players with the blue debuff will explode and deal 800,000 Frost damage split between themselves and up to two players within 10 yards.
Catalyst: Yellow: When this is cast, all players with the yellow debuff will spawn a pool underneath them that does damage each second when stood in.

Xaril is extremely dangerous, and should always be killed immediately when he lands. To handle his catalyst, everyone who gets a Blue debuff should immediately find one other player to stand on, although that player must not also have a blue debuff. If he casts the Blue catalyst, then you can simply stay standing still and you’re already safe (although it’s a good idea to use personal cooldowns to be safe). If he casts the Red catalyst, everyone who has the Red debuff must immediately move away from all other people. There is enough time during the actual cast of this to react, you don’t need to be pre-emptively spread. If he casts Yellow, simply move out of the pools that appear.

Kaz’tik the Manipulator
Sonic Projection: Fires a sonic wave towards the tank, dealing damage to anyone it passes through.
Hungry Kunchongs: Kaz’tik will spawn multiple Hungry Kunchongs around the room. These have a Thick Shell and cannot be damaged. If any player gets too close to them, the player will instantly die. This gives the Kunchong full energy. When a Kunchong reaches full energy, it becomes Mature. Mature Kunchongs must be tanked and killed.
Mesmerize: Forces a player to walk towards a Hungry Kunchong. Whilst this happens, the Kunchong is vulnerable to damage. If players DPS the Kunchong and remove 30% of its health, the effect is interrupted. Kunchongs gain 7 Energy per second until interrupted.

Ignore the Kunchongs unless they are casting Mesmerize, and be sure not to stand too close to them. When Mesmerize is cast, focus the Kunchong that the player is walking towards, and DPS it until it loses 30% of its health. Once the Mesmerize is broken, stop. If any Kunchongs become Mature Kunchongs, your tank should pick it up, and all DPS should focus it until it dies.

Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver
Exposed Veins: Stacking tank debuff that causes the tank to take increased damage from Xaril the Poisoned Mind. This simply means if you tank Kil’ruk, you can’t tank Xaril.
Gouge: Incapacitates the tank and follows it up with a hard hitting Mutilate.
Death from Above: Leaps into the air over a random player and crashes down, dealing damage to anyone in the impact area.

Kil’ruk will be the last mob to join the fight and is extremely trivial to deal with. Ensure that you’re spread out to mitigate damage from Death from Above, and heal your tank through the damage from Mutilate.

You’ll start the fight with Rik’kal, Skeer and Hisek active. Use Bloodlust on the pull and immediately burn down Rik’kal. Ignore the bloods that spawn here, you should easily kill Rik’kal before they reach him. When Hisek uses aim, ensure enough people move into the line to split the damage.

When Rikkal is dead, kill Skeer. You will need to slow and stun the bloods that spawn, and you can then either kill them, or just continue burning Skeer. Ka’roz will also be up now, so you’ll need to dodge the Amber pools and the stuns. Ensure your ranged move out of the pools in the same direction to allow you to continue soaking Aims.

When Skeer dies, kill Hisek. Korven will join the fight now, so you’ll need to cleave down both Korven and Hisek at the same time. Push Korven to 50% first. Once he’s encased, go full out on Hisek to kill him. Once Hisek dies, Iyyokuk will join the fight. You’ll now need to be ready to use raid cooldowns during the Fire lines, and spread out if they target you. Kill Korven as your next target. Again, you will need to cleave down two targets. Push the other to 50% first, then burn Korven.

After Korven is dead, Xaril will land. Kill him immediately. Anyone with Blue should immediately find a friend to stack on who does not have Blue. Whenever he casts a catalyst, react accordingly. He should only get time to use one Catalyst before he dies. You will still need to deal with Fire lines, charges and Amber pools at this time.

Once Xaril dies, Kaz’tik will land. Kill Iyyokuk now to reduce the raid damage significantly. Ensure you’re not stood anyone near a hungry Kunchong, and swap to the Kunchong whenever Mesmerize is cast. If you get any Mature Kunchongs, tank them and kill them. Once Iyyokuk is dead, Kil’ruk will land. At this point, it’s basically a win. Kill Kaz’tik, then Ka’roz, and then Kil’ruk.
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Definitely a good guide, people need to watch videos and learn this fight.
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